Mono Potassium Phosphite

Product Name: Mono Potassium Phosphite

CAS Number: 13977-66-6

Molecular Formulae: H2KO3P

Synonyms: Potassium DiHydrogen Phosphite


Physical Properties

Molar Mass: 120.09

Appearance: White crystals

Solubility in Water: Very soluble

Assay: ≥ 98.0%

Content: ≥ 58.0% as P2O5

≥ 38.0% as KO



Country of Origin: China

Supplier Reference Number: 8


Hazard Classification

International Maritime Organisation (IMO): Not Regulated

Road Transport (ADR): Not Regulated

Risk Phrases: Not classified

Hazard Phrases: Not classified


Impurity Profile

Chlorine (as Cl): ≤ 0.01%

pH at 1% Aqueous Solution: 4.0 to 5.0

Water insoluble matter: ≤ 3.0%

Total heavy metals: ≤ 50 ppm

Total Fe: ≤ 50 ppm



Available Units (KG): 20, 1000