A NEW granular compound meso-micronutrient product for soil correction and prevention of deficiencies to a wide range of meso & micronutrients: B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mg, Mo, Ca, Zn, S


SPECIFICATION: Analysis: Boron (B) 1.0%
Copper (Cu) 0.3%
Iron (Fe) 2.0%
Manganese (Mn) 1.5%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0025%
Zinc (Zn) 3.0%
Magnesium (MgO) 10.0%
Sulphur (SO3) 20.0%
Calcium (CaO) 18.0%
Bulk Density: 1060 kg per cubic metre
Particle Size: 90% +2 to – 4 mm
Appearance: Grey granules
Packaging: 20kg net bags with P.E. liner

AGRONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS: RIGHTCAL is a general purpose multi-micronutrient, high in calcium to provide good flower and fruit set in all vegetable and fruit crops. Can be used by bulk blenders for preparing a complete nutrient suitable to a broad range of crops and soil situations. Formulated as an acidic granule which promotes immediate and long term nutrient element availability. Relatively low bulk density for physical compatibility in a blend. Cost economics and agronomic performance of this grade are superior to those of a blend containing the same amounts in separate additions of the contained micronutrients.

GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS: Use a minimum of 10 kg RIGHTCAL per hectare in a blend, with higher amounts as necessary to meet crop needs and soil situations. Can be broadcast up to 100 kg per hectare if micronutrients only required, see table below.

APPLICATION RATES FOR RIGHTCAL: Kgs of RIGHTCAL that must be applied per hectare in order to provide the levels of the individual ingredients as shown in the chart below.

Element 10 kg/ha 25kg/ha 50kg/ha 75kg/ha 100kg/ha
Boron 100 g/ha 250 g/ha 500 g/ha 775 g/ha 1000 g/ha
Copper 30 g/ha 75 g/ha 150 g/ha 225 g/ha 300 g/ha
Iron 200 g/ha 500 g/ha 1000 g/ha 1500 g/ha 2kg/ha
Manganese 150 g/ha 375g/ha 750g/ha 1125g/ha 1.5 kg/ha
Zinc 300 g/ha 750 g/ha 1500 g/ha 2250 g/ha 3 kg/ha
Magnesium 600 g/ha 1.5 kg/ha 3 kg/ha 4.5 kg/ha 6 kg/ha
Sulphur 500 g/ha 1.25 kg/ha 2.5 kg/ha 3.75 kg/ha 5 kg/ha
Calcium 1.0 kg/ha 2.5 kg/ha 5 kg/ha 7.5 kg/ha 12 kg/ha