ProCoMo contains 2% Cobalt (Co) and 3% Molybdenum (Mo) in a synergised form for the correction of deficiencies to these essential elements

ProCoMo can provide cobalt and molybdenum to the plant as a seed treatment or as a foliar application. ProCoMo is formulated to provide completely soluble cobalt and molybdenum to the germinating seed or the leaf for rapid absorption and distribution throughout the plant. Cobalt and Molybdenum are both necessary for stimulating nitrogen fixation by rhizobium in the nodules of legumes. In a lot of situations the growth response to molybdenum may be limited by levels of cobalt, these two nutrients affect the total nitrogen supply to the plant.

Individually and or separately they:

• control the activity of the nitrate reductase enzyme ability of the plant to use nitrate nitrogen.

• increase sugar content of plants

• help plants utilize water in dry years

• are essential for the synthesis of vitamin B, compounds required by nitrogen-fixing process.

The above functions help translate into higher yields. Seed treat or spray plants when they are young. One application per year should be sufficient. Within ten days after planting in some soils, soybeans seed-treated with ProCoMo may exhibit micronutrient shock and subsequent short term yellowing, as nodulating bacteria infect roots and begin forming nitrogen fixing nodules.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: ProCoMo is recommended for all field crop legumes (soybeans, dry beans, snap beans, field peas, peanuts, mung, etc.) and all forage crop legumes (alfalfa, red clover, Latino clover, sweet clover, lespediza, trefoil).

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: ProCoMo can be applied as a foliar or seed treatment.

Foliar application:

For soybeans, cowpeas, dry beans, snap beans, mung beans, peanuts and other large seeded legumes:

Apply 1 to 1.5 litres per hectare at the 4-5 true leaf stage in 200 litres of water or a volume sufficient to ensure thorough coverage.

For alfalfa, red clover, Latino clover, sweet clover, trefoil and other annual legumes grown for forage, hay or silage. Apply 1.5 litres in 50 litres of water or a volume sufficient for thorough coverage when early growth is 10-20 cm tall. To ensure effective movement into the nitrogen fixing nodules, make application at least two weeks before cutting. This product contains molybdenum. It is to be used only on soil that responds to molybdenum. Crops high in molybdenum are toxic to ruminant grazing animals.

Seed Treatment:

Apply ProCoMo directly to the seed in the planter box or other suitable container that provides for thorough coating of the seed. For soybeans, cowpeas, dry beans, snap beans and other larger

seeded legumes apply 300 ml per 50 kg of seed.

For alfalfa, clovers and other small seeded legumes apply 500 ml per 50 kg of seed. Place one-half of the seed in planter box and pour one-half the required amount of ProCoMo over the seed surface. Mix by stirring with a stick or paddle. Add remaining one-half of seed and required ProCoMo and stir as above. ProCoMo is safe to apply as a seed treatment with inoculant at planting.

Avoid contamination of seed or foodstuffs. Do no use treated seed for food, feed or oil purposes.