This company was originally incorporated in 2005 before being converted into a Public Limited Company in 2010.

Mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of Speciality Chemicals and Intermediates

The company has four units in Maharashtra, India, and is ISO certified.

Primarily involved in the production of Speciality Chemicals and Pharma Intermediates. They manufacture a range of Organic, Inorganic and Organo Inorganic Intermediates.

The Inorganic Intermediates include Molybdenum derivatives, Selenium derivatives, Iodine derivatives, Cobalt derivatives, Bismuth & Tungsten derivatives, and the organic intermediates include Tartaric acid derivatives and other intermediates.

These products find applications in various industries like Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry, Glass Industry, Cosmetics, Ceramic Pigments and Cattle & Poultry Feeds.

Exporting to Europe, Canada, Asia, South America & Australia.

Product Specifications available: