Overseas Sampling

The associated costs with overseas travel can often mean that it is not cost effective to complete factory visits etc. with a new supplier before the first consignment is shipped, and again the cost associated with international inspection agents can significantly increase the landed costs or even prohibit port inspections.

As a company, we not only have access to local representatives who can carry out our port inspections etc, at a fraction of the cost of the international agents, but also have UK staff in both India and China on a regular basis.

By charging items such as international air fares on a pro-rata basis and by undertaking work for several non-competing clients during the same trip the overall cost to each client is significantly reduced.

We would always advise that sampling should take place at the time of loading, prior to the containers being sealed by both the shipping line and customs. If the Bill of Lading does not show these container and seal numbers, then the integrity of the samples cannot be guaranteed, and payment should be withheld pending further investigation.

If the port inspection is completed by UK staff then the samples, provided they are not hazardous for transport, are brought back to the UK by our staff for analysis by our client.

If the sampling is completed by our overseas representatives then the samples can be either couriered back to our client (provided they are non-hazardous) or otherwise analysis by domestic laboratories can also be arranged, again at significantly cheaper cost than those prices charged by other international agencies.