Contract Negotiation

Baskerville Worldwide Sourcing (BWS) offers advice and guidance on purchase contract terms particularly for material being shipped from either India or China.

With a solid background in contract negotiation we can help you achieve the best terms, not only benefitting your cash flow but also limiting your exposure.

We are also happy to assist in the event of an existing shipment being in dispute perhaps due to quality issues.

If you find yourself working with the wrong overseas supplier with a quality complaint, you may find that they will not even accept that there is a problem, especially if you have already paid. Otherwise they may refer you to any inspection agents that you used. In this situation it is very easy to come to a decision that the time and cost of seeking redress overseas outweighs the loss already experienced. This need not be the case.

Whilst we would always recommend that our clients should seek legal advice in the event of a contractual dispute sometimes the conciliatory actions of a third party who understands the local market, it’s customs and has a network of contacts in place can be less inflammatory and achieve a quicker and cost effective conclusion.

The key to overseas sourcing is always to work with the right supplier, and build up a long term relationship, understanding not only the business needs of both parties but also their culture.