Corporate Responsibility

Product Development and Specification

In order to assess their true environmental impact, we consider the entire life cycle of our products. All raw materials are subject to an internal review process assessing their characteristics, including health and safety and their environmental impact.

The packaging of our products complies with all legislative requirements in addition to delivering the product in the correct form.


As a company involved in manufacturing of consumer products, we must supply products that the customer demands. It is however fundamental to our business to develop ways of supplying these products in a sustainable way.

We like all other companies do not yet have a total solution, but we understand the task, we understand the importance of the job ahead and working with both our supplier and customers we will meet the challenge.

Ethical Sourcing

We source materials from many parts of the world

As a company we will never knowingly source raw materials that have in the course of their manufacture involved the abuse of basic human rights, or that have been manufactured in unsafe conditions (relative to the local environment), or have involved forced or child labour.

Preferential Sourcing

Baskerville Worldwide Sourcing will always preferentially source material from non-animal sources. Where there is currently no suitable, commercially available alternative we will continue to monitor the situation as new alternatives become available.


Our objective is to supply aesthetically pleasing products that have the minimum amount of packaging but that provide the correct level of protection from the point of manufacture through warehousing, distribution, retailing and ultimately the end user as appropriate.

Where it is acceptable to the end user, wherever possible we use recycled materials or materials that can be recycled.

Waste Management and Recycling

It is fundamental to our business to eliminate waste wherever possible. Where elimination is not possible the waste management hierarchy concept is used, reduce, recover and recycle, dispose.

Waste and Effluent

Although water is a renewable resource, its use must be closely monitored not only to ensure adequate supply and quality both now and in the future but also to reduce costs.

It is fundamental aim of the business to reduce the quantity of effluent produced by our manufacturing partners and work with them to reduce the quantity of special waste disposed of annually.